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Other Internet Search Tools

Last updated Apr. 24, 2008.

In addition to the main Web search engines and directories, there are plenty of specialized search tools for email lists, discussion forums, reference tools, periodical articles, and more. A few selected tools are listed here.

Periodical Articles
Full text from Magazines & Journals
BNet (Formerly FindArticles)
eLibrary (fee-based)
Internet Library of Early Journals (six British 18th and 19th century journals)

Blogs (Weblogs) and RSS Feeds

Ask Blog Search (Advanced) and Bloglines
Google Blog Search
IceRocket Blogs
Live Search Feeds

Archives (cached copies)
Sources for dead URLs and past versions (separate page)
Veronica 2 (anyone remember gophers?)

Telnet Resources
Hytelnet used to list many telnet accessible resources (no longer maintained) 
Email List Directories
None are comprehensive and none search lists messages
CataList (Just LISTSERV lists)
Tile.Net Lists
Usenet & Opinion Searching
Includes Google Groups, Epinions, more (separate page)
Twitter Search Engines
Summize Twitter Search
Tweet Scan
Reference Tools
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc. (separate page)
More Search Engines
Search Engine Colossus (many other countries)
CompletePlanet (hidden Web databases from 2004)

For more information on a few of these tools, see my articles: